The company is has two locations at Mariners Cove Marina, Shop 4, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland 4217 and Marina Village, 39B The Promenade, Sanctuary Cove, Queensland 4212. More at About the Duffy Electric Boat Company Duffy Electric Boats, America’s largest electric boat motor manufacturer, has been in business since 1970. The company currently produces over eight different electric boat motors models. Each Duffy model is constructed from the highest quality materials in a company owned factory located on over six acres in Adelanto, California. Duffy electric boat motor are emissions free and low maintenance. electric motor for boats, electric outboard motors for boatsUnlike the hazardous nature of the earlier chemistry lithium battery types, lithium iron phosphate batteries are extremely stable and safe to use. This safety combined with their light weight has found wide use for these batteries for military applications and now for the emerging electric vehicle markets including electric boats. They are in fact even safer than lead acid batteries and do not suffer from some of the problems which are inherent to lead acid batteries such as, thermal runaway, sulphation when left in a discharged condition and high rates of self discharge if not used. Lead acid batteries generally have a life of only a few hundred deep charge cycles while a quality LiFePO4 battery can typically be charged in excess of 2000 times. electric motor for boatsThe benefits to the boat owner of a quality LiFePO4 battery are many. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are a truly multi application battery type so the one battery or battery bank can be used to provide propulsive power for the electric motor for boats/s as well as to supply all the electrical loads on a boat.

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