Pat Venditte Auto Overview

Safety Issues of 3 Wheel ATVsDue to legal battles about the safety issues concerning 3 wheel ATVs during the latter part of the 1980s, and consent decrees, all manufacturers ended the production of these vehicles in 1987, switching to 4 wheel ATVs. Because the 3 wheel ATV was much lighter, they were very popular among some expert riders. Cornering is far more challenging with the 3 wheel vehicle as compared to the 4 wheeled vehicle, since it is even more important to lean into the turn. Since the 3 wheeled ATV has a single wheel in the front, which makes it lighter, a potential danger is the chance of flipping backwards, particularly when climbing up an incline. Rolling over also occurs during going down a steep incline. However, with the consent decrees expiring in 1997, manufacturers began making the 3 wheeled models once again, although very few of them marketed these days.