Hills: To climb, shift the machine into a lower gear and try to build as much of your speed up before actually reaching the incline. The key to conquering ascents is momentum, not raw power. When approaching the uphill climb, move up on the seat and lean forward, or if the grade is particularly steep, stand and position your torso over the front wheels. Apply the throttle as required to maintain momentum until you crest the hill. To descend begin by selecting a path that is both as straight as possible with minimum obstacles/ obstructions. Shift your weight to the rear of the machine and use a low gear so that the engine can aid in keeping speed in check. On steeper downward slopes, straighten but be certain never lock your knees and elbows to allow your butt to exceed the machine’s seat. Get comfortable with using the rear brake to scrub speed and apply the fronts only when all else fails, smoothly so to prevent the front wheels from locking up. The Suzuki Z400 was first brought to the ATV world in late 2002 and I’d have to say it was a keeper. I personally bought my first LT Z400 in June of 2003 and rode the wheels off the thing. I fell in love with the comfort and controls on the quad and began to mesh with the design immediately.