In 1967, American Honda asked Honda RandD Ltd. for a new product dealers could sell when motorcycle sales cooled off in the winter. Mr. Takeuchi was assigned to lead the project, along with a small group of Honda engineers. This was clearly the group for the job, since Takeuchi and company had been working to develop other new recreational vehicles that never saw production. These projects gave Takeuchi the tools to develop Honda's first ATV, the US90. Forget the proverbial blank sheet of paper. Takeuchi started in the shop with a head full of ideas and an eclectic assortment of components. Two , three , four , five and even six wheeled configurations were examined, but the three wheel concept delivered the best combination for the machine's intended mission. It dealt with snow, mud and assorted slippery conditions a two wheeler couldn't, while providing more maneuverability than other configurations. In the early stages, a Honda STTM70 motorcycle gave up its 70cc four stroke single cylinder engine for the cause, along with assorted chassis parts.