To move forward, push both handles forward. To reverse, pull both handles backward. When you want to turn right, pull back on the right handle and push the left forward, and vice versa. To make a 360 degree turn, push and pull the handles like usual, but push and pull them to a greater extent. As noted in the owner’s manuals for our Swisher zero turn mowers, it does not take much pressure on the handles to operate and navigate the mower. As with any mower, avoid cutting wet grass with your zero turn mower. You will leave behind unappealing grass clumps and defeat the purpose of mowing with a quality lawn mower. Specialists recommend alternating directions every time you mow. For example, if you mow parallel to your lane, the next time you mow, you should mow perpendicular to your lane. This keeps crevices in the grass from forming, or from stripes appearing in the grass. This is more than an aesthetic suggestion.