Introduced in 1980, the ATC185 was popular among utility users. Rolling on larger, 25 inch tires that afforded improved traction, the 185 featured a five speed transmission with an automatic clutch, and a 180cc four stroke single cylinder engine that was considerably more powerful as well. Though designed to split its duties more or less equally between work and play, the 185 set the stage for Honda's first purpose built utility ATV two years later. The 1982 ATC200E, a. k. a. Big RedR, had more of everything necessary to get a host of jobs done. Its 192cc engine and five speed dual range gearbox cranked out more power, especially low in the rev band, to make chores such as towing, spraying, seeding and fertilizing easier. An electric starter in addition to the standard recoil system made starting the day as easy as pushing a button. Dual racks and a 9. 2 liter storage box made carrying tools, hay bales, fencing and other agricultural essentials easier.

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