Classes range from 0–499 cc to a Super Modified class which will allow any size ATV in competition. The ultimate goal of The CMR is “to see the growth of ATV Mud Racing as a competitive sport and give competitors a pedestal upon which they can receive the recognition from national media and industry sponsors that they have long deserved. ”The all terrain vehicles ATV of today are precisely what they are made for: to traverse all kinds of road, surfaces and other rugged terrain. The American National Standards Institute ANSI describes ATV as a vehicle that is utilized with low pressure tires most manufacturers’ recommendations of 2. 7 psi as the lowest and 10 psi as the highest. These street tires though, should be tough and true enough to handle all types of roads where the ATV has to travel. An ATV is also called by various names, such as quad meaning 4, quad bike, three wheeler or four wheelers, or RZR in sync Speed Razor Project, and has a seat that is straddled by the driver with the handle bars for steering control. Old models of ATVs allowed only one rider, but overtime, manufacturers had redesigned the vehicle and currently four passengers including the driver could now seat and travel with it for 4 wheel models. This evolution makes the demand for more powerful, durable and tough tires extensively became the norm. And the tread also became bolder and bolder through the years. Cheap ATV tires could still give you the quality you are looking for, depending on its capability to handle the hardest and oddest terrain and its durability.