Sedona Mud Rebel Tire – Front – 24x8x12, Position: Front, Rim Size: 12, Tire Application: All Terrain, Tire Size: 24x8x12, Tire Type: ATV/UTV, Tire Ply: 6 MR24812Applicable to all types of terrain, this tire is for front position in an ATV. Its angled tread design feature is an engineering innovation that makes it a monster in traction and steering response. It has a high resistance to puncture and could be driven deflated in long distances during emergencies. The Sedona ATV tire has sideway lugs which are intrinsically located to give the tire more traction power especially during sliding and keep the vehicle from overturning. The tire is also so firm and could deliver the minimum of vibration. On the other hand, unreliable products are unsafe and may cause more problems than just deciding to buy if new and more advanced design tires are readily available online and they might probably price lower than your existing units. The above lists of products are certified cheap ATV tires and are pre discounted prior to publishing by Amazon virtual stores. Additionally, their qualities are not reduced but rather further enhanced even at a lower price. Simply assess your needs regarding tires and choose the right product your instinct tells you, after you read this article. You will certainly arrive at a solution you may not regret in the future. Read full buy guide for best atv tires or How to maintain atv tiresHarnessing the best innovations and development on the manufacturing of certain products is sometimes a privilege for people who want to own them and consequently benefit to their existence.