Commonly made of fiberglass or plastic tub, they were usually equipped with 6 wheels which had low pressure tires. These amphibious vehicles were the first all terrain vehicles. Unlike the ATVs of today, these were meant for multiple riders, and had control sticks or steering wheels, instead of handlebars. Safety Issues of 3 Wheel ATVsDue to legal battles about the safety issues concerning 3 wheel ATVs during the latter part of the 1980s, and consent decrees, all manufacturers ended the production of these vehicles in 1987, switching to 4 wheel ATVs. Because the 3 wheel ATV was much lighter, they were very popular among some expert riders. Cornering is far more challenging with the 3 wheel vehicle as compared to the 4 wheeled vehicle, since it is even more important to lean into the turn. Since the 3 wheeled ATV has a single wheel in the front, which makes it lighter, a potential danger is the chance of flipping backwards, particularly when climbing up an incline. Rolling over also occurs during going down a steep incline. However, with the consent decrees expiring in 1997, manufacturers began making the 3 wheeled models once again, although very few of them marketed these days. Sport and Utility ATVsATVs are further divided into utility and sport markets. Sport ATVs are usually light and small 2 wheel drive vehicles, which have the ability of accelerating quickly, can be driven at speeds of up to 145 km per hour, or 90 miles per hour, have manual transmission, and are performance based.

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