If you are in a plane entering the fort isn’t a hard feat. Just jump out and parachute down to the parking lot at the east end of the fort near the gate. If you’re in a car drive across the bridge and make a right at the end onto the dirt road. Make an immediate left and then look left at the ridge see picture. There is a “land ramp” you can drive over that will get you into the fort. Make sure you have enough speed to clear the fences, so that your vehicle lands inside the fort, and you can drive up the road and into the parking lot on the left. In this lot, at the south end, are two Cargobob helicopters. Jump in one and fly off. Fly away from the Compound and gently place the Container somewhere on the runway, then land your Cargobob. Equip a light machine gun, Minigun, or RPG and take out the helicopter that responds after you picked up the Container. Now re enter the Cargobob, pick up the Container, and fly to Lester’s Warehouse.