In February 2012, the Melbourne based Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research ISCRR published a paper which criticised the research claims of the manufacturers in relation to crush protection devices. The paper reviewed research in a number of countries since 1993 in relation to rollover protection and found that the industry's opposition to rollover protection could not be supported because of limitations in past research. It recommended further research on the topic and the development of research tools based on the use of ATV/quadbikes in Australian conditions. ATVs accounted for 58% of the SI spark ignited recreational vehicles in the US in the year 2000. That year, recreational SI vehicles produced 0. 16% of NOx, 8% of HC, 5% of CO and 0. 8% of PM emissions for all vehicles, both highway and nonroad. Engines meeting these standards now produce only 3% of the HC emissions that previously unregulated engines did. Because both scientific studies and U. S. National Forest Service personnel have identified unregulated Off Road Vehicles ORVs as the source of major detrimental impacts on national forests, the U.

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