If you only mow once or twice a year, you are in for a brutal couple of mows. In the case of your manicured yard, mowing moderately is critical if you cut your grass too short, the roots become exposed to the elements like sun and wind, and you will be cutting the source of water: the blade. In other words, your yard will lose the nutrients it built up in its blades if you cut it below 2. 5 inches. Do not use a tow behind or riding mower to cut materials on slopes at more than a 15 degree angle. If using a tow behind mower on land that slopes less than 15 degrees, ride up and down the hill, not across the face. Driving across the face of a slope greatly increases the potentially deadly chances that your mower and attached ATV will roll over. If you have control over what is planted on a slope, opt for a ground cover other than turf. Finally, if your plot has experienced thick growth, mow it over twice and don’t overexert your mower. If the mower starts to lag due to the thickness of the material it’s mowing, slow down a little. Don’t try to push or pull it past its limits.