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The controls were easily reached and the seat was a traditional relaxed feeling saddle. Being slightly larger than the industry’s normal rider, I was good with the rider placement while sitting, but the challenge with here's I do not sit long during my riding. I stand most all of the time. Standing gives me more of an attack place and it lets me feel more in manage of the ATV. While standing on the machine I could hardly bend my arms and I felt like I was straining to get to the bars. I personally felt uncomfortable on the machine in the beginning. The pegs were decreased but I couldn’t tell it. The first impact I got from the suspension of this laptop was it was very harsh and perceived to buck like a PBR championship bull. In stock form, the suspension is set really tight and needed some tweaking to get the comfort level up a bit. Also with such a stiff setup in the 1st ride of the morning it was hard to keep front of this laptop on the bottom. After talking with a pair other riders we determined to regulate the suspension on one machine while leaving the others stock and each of us took turns feeling how our adjustments helped or hurt the ride.

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