Pick off as many of the Merryweather guards as you can, some of them will advance on your position with pistols. Take out closer enemies first then the rest that take cover inside the hanger. Once you have cleared enough of them out get back in your car and drive into the hanger, stick to the left side. Equip an assault rifle and fight any guards inside the hanger, beware of the mercenaries on the catwalks above and the ones that spawn in the back of the hanger behind the semi truck. If you get shot up make sure to take cover and use some Snacks. Move the semi truck and trailer out of the way and enter the Titan. Head to Fort Zancudo. If you are in a plane entering the fort isn’t a hard feat. Just jump out and parachute down to the parking lot at the east end of the fort near the gate. If you’re in a car drive across the bridge and make a right at the end onto the dirt road. Make an immediate left and then look left at the ridge see picture.