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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, constructing ATVs to endure the strain of utility use put Honda RandD on a steep studying curve. Approaching the mid '80s, ATVs were inspected, dissected and exhaustively scrutinized with more data acquisition equipment than every other Honda product. Machines were run hour after hour, day after day for weeks, with riders wearing 50 pound tool packs that recorded tips on every aspect of the device's operation. As the market's swing toward utility persevered, Honda's research made it clear that the next step in the ATV's evolution would be an alternative wheel. Thus Honda's first four wheel ATV, the TRX200, debuted in 1984. The market spoke back shortly, making 1984 Honda's largest sales year for ATVs. The 370,000 units brought in 1984 remain the high water mark for Honda ATV sales, making up a full 69 % of total ATV sales in the U. S. that year. The upswing in utility use and the creation of the four wheel TRX200 were also the beginning of the top for Takeuchi's three wheel matrix. Four wheelers were considered more versatile tools by clients, and tools were what people wanted most.

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