By the same token the crimped cell is also more prone to fail prematurely due to slow ingress of moisture, humidity and other atmospheric contaminants which in a laser welded cell are totally excluded from entering the cell for the life of the cell. It really is a case of having to pay more for quality. By paying more for a quality battery a great deal of frustration can be avoided and allow the electric boat owner to enjoy the tranquillity of silent, electric boating without any noise or exhaust fumes. There are a handful of manufacturers of A grade quality Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which will outlast several lead acid batteries and provide vastly superior performance and thereby bring much enjoyment to the owner of the electric boat they are fitted in. Electric boats are definitely not a new concept. What is believed to be the very first marine outboard motor was invented in 1880 by a French inventor, Gustave Trouve, and it was electric. In the early 1890's electric boats were first introduced in the United State with the formation of the Electric Launch Company Elco in Bayonne, New Jersey. It was the Chicago Exposition in 1893 that put them on the map. Elco was requested to build fifty five 55 36 foot electric launches for this event. Ticket sales to transport people around the Chicago area lakes and rivers exceeded 1,000,000. Montgomery Gisborne: Having built electric cars and electrified many other devices such as a snowmobile, I was always looking for a business opportunity in the mix.

Hoosier 42550RD20 ATV/Flat Track Tire, 16.0/8.5-8,RD20 Compound Flat track (2) Hoosier ATV Rear 18x11x10 Tires (2) GPS L6 10x8 Rolled Lip wheels (2) Hoosier ATV Front 18x5.5x10 TT/Flat track Tires RD20 Compound by GPS 16250 (2) Hoosier ATV Rear 18x11x10 TT/Flat track Tires T10 Compound by GPS 16110 Hoosier 42500RD20 ATV/Flat Track Tire, 15.0/8.0-8,RD20 Compound BOXO USA Heavy Duty 97 Piece MotoBox Tool Box