ATV Aerator Overview

Table 1 presents both unweighted and weighted sample sizes and weighted percent distributions by gender, region and MSA status for all of the survey respondents. All subsequent tables report weighted sample sizes and proportions. Overall, 25% 95% CI 22% to 29% of US youth aged 12–17 years reported having ridden an ATV at least once during the past year table 2. By gender, 26% 95% CI 21% to 32% of males and 24% 95% CI 19% to 30% of females reported riding in the past year. The proportion of youth living outside of an MSA who reported riding an ATV was twice that of those living within an MSA 44%; 95% CI 32% to 56% vs 22%; 95%CI 18% to 26%. The proportions of youth living in each of the four regions who reported riding at ATV were similar table 2.