It may sound slow, but on the trail, 42 mph blows by pretty darn fast. Kaiser's steady throttle had the rear end fishtailing across sand and red clay in the woods of Winnsboro, S. C. , and his tendency to hopscotch the machine between divots and mounds tested the new Gator's suspension. Its rugged stance and knobby tires cushioned a few landings that seemed bound to chip our teeth before the wheels gracefully returned to earth. 1. You have a lot to haul. "Aside from providing a nice spot for your dog or spouse to sit next to you, UTVs often have a large dumping rear cargo hold," Kaiser says. "This provides room for a much larger load than most ATVs can haul—without attaching a trailer. Also, because they have truck like cabs and seats that allow riders to sit upright, UTVs can be more comfortable for older riders. They really shine in covering lots of miles in comfort without the forward leaning position of a quad.