Stop the engine before actually using it on your field or lawn. When you start your tow vehicle for use be it an ATV or a zero turn mower start at a low gear and steadily increase your speed to 5MPH at the most. Your mower is designed to operate best under these conditions. Furthermore, mower decks are intended to be used at full throttle. In doing so you will experience the best results possible. Next, do not mow wet grass. This is fairly obvious if you’re familiar with how grass discharges from a mower you will likely clog your mower or leave behind unattractive mounds of grass or other materials in your wake. If you’re going for a polished look in your yard, you can see why clumps would be a problem. For optimum ease, mow often and moderately. If you only mow once or twice a year, you are in for a brutal couple of mows. In the case of your manicured yard, mowing moderately is critical if you cut your grass too short, the roots become exposed to the elements like sun and wind, and you will be cutting the source of water: the blade.