On 20 January 1980, the revamped ATV 10 was launched with a jingle campaign "You're on Top With Ten", Graham Kennedy's introductory presentation and a 30 minute Eyewitness News, then presented by Jana Wendt. By May, David Johnston became the co presenter and Eyewitness News went back to its one hour duration, claiming that it was "First in Melbourne" due to its many innovations and historic moments and the fact that in the 1970s ATV was the first of the now "Network Ten" stations to adopt the Eyewitness News brand and the one hour newscastwith the first 1 hour newscast debuting in November 1975. Wendt left the channel in 1981 with Charles Slade replacing her and was later replaced by Jo Pearson, who served till 1988, joined by Mal Walden in 1987 and by the next year by Tracey Curro. Local mid morning programming from 1967 included Morning Magazine, Roundabout, The Roy Hampson Show, In Melbourne Today, Everyday 1979 1980 and Good Morning Melbourne 1981 1988 the latter replaced by the Sydney based Til Ten 1989 1991. In 1992, ATV 10 produced The Morning Show for the Ten Network, hosted by Bert Newton. The program was re titled Good Morning Australia in 1993. GMA stayed on air until December 2005 and the following month was replaced by 9am with David and Kim hosted by Kim Watkins and David Reyne. The show had four years on air and in 2010 was replaced by The Circle hosted by Gorgi Coghlan, Yumi Stynes, Chrissie Swan and Denise Drysdale. After mastering this straight line technique, it’s time to move on to cornering. Unlike an automobile, most ATVs have a much narrower wheelbase and hence require body language to properly corner. The following techniques are critical to proper turning: Move your body weight forward and to the inside of the turn prior to entering the apex.

2006 Polaris Sportsman X2 500 Rear 2-Up Flip Up Seat P127 2x Universal ATV Footrest Passenger Foot Peg Mounted Rear Luggage Rack & Up Seat