But you still want a ride so you keep looking around. There are used ATVs and you can save some serious coin by picking up a used model, if you're able to determine why it's being sold and what it's condition really is. The nature of ATV trekking and racing isn't the gentlest of activities and an ATV can age remarkably rapidly because of extreme stresses. Maybe the seller is telling you the truth when he says he only did some flat trail and sand riding a couple times and never ever went muddy or airborne. Or maybe not. You need a competent mechanic to check out a used ATV and even then he or she isn't going to be able just how stressed and close to the breaking point some parts may be. So while you may be getting a great deal you may also be looking at some unanticipated repairs, real soon now. Recently a variety of Chinese manufactured ATVs have become available. These ATVs are generally much cheaper than comparable well known brands. Usually there are fewer models and smaller engine sizes. The smaller ones may be ideal for a child's first ATV and the low cost makes it more practical in that sense.

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