ATVs come with stock wheels that aren't very pleasing to the eye. ATV Wheels can come in aluminum alloy. It looks great and takes a nice polish. These types of ATV wheels are somewhat lighter than some of the steel wheels, but again, it depends on what you're after. You can install tires of various sizes and shapes; you can even get radials these days, which really helps in more aggressive driving. Mudding and zooming through the woods is awesome but imagine doing it in style, rolling back home with some aggressive looking wheels. The type of wheel can tell a lot about the driver’s habits. Chrome or polished one piece cast ATV wheels pretty much say the owner likes to take the ATV into the woods but also enjoys polishing the mud off the ATV wheel to show it off in front of the garage. Matte Black and Machined with Black ATV Wheels describe a seriously stylish personality. Black goes with everything and certainly makes the heads turn when they roll by. Whatever your style may be, we have that type of ATV Wheel model.