Kawasaki also recommends that all ATV riders take a training course. For more information, see your dealer, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1 800 887 2887, or go to . , U. S. A. It is easy to install and remove, giving you the flexibility to stalk your target in stealth, or have fun being loud. The low rumble that our muffler system changes your exhaust sound to travels a much shorter distance away from your ATV/UTV. This Anchorage based company offers not only day tours and ATV rentals, but also multi day tours and backcountry guiding services. Day tours are available in four and six hour options, the shorter one an orientation course, the second a more exploratory trip. The overnight journey includes two nights' stay at an Alaskan lodge, trail lunches and hearty lodge dining. A highlight of the three day journey includes a trip to a riding area featured on the Outdoor Life Network and in Dirt Rider magazine.